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Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection – 6 Effective UTI Home Remedies Against the First Signs of Infection

July 12th, 2009 · 4 Comments · UTI Natural Remedies

People whose normal existence is suddenly beset by frequent urges to urinate but find it difficult to complete urination, should be on the alert that there is something wrong with their excretory systems. If urine discharge is reddish in color and carries a strong foul smell, then it is high time to take some home remedies for urinary tract infection, since they are already experiencing the onset of UTI.

Persons who are at high risks of contracting infections due to certain disorders like kidney stones, enlarged prostates and diabetes, women using birth control devices, individuals using catheters and even children who previously experienced urinary tract infections, should also be wary of the UTI symptoms. It would be best to address said symptoms immediately by taking some home remedies for urinary tract infection even at the onset; to arrest whatever worsening condition it may lead to.

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Nevertheless, it is recommended that prior consultations with your doctor should be made in case you are considering these home remedies. Below are some remedial treatments available in your own home in order to combat the bacteria attacking the urinary tract, at the earliest stage possible:

1. The first most important step in curing your tract infection is by consuming lots of water. Supplementing your kidneys and bladder with enough water, allows these organs to actively flush out the bacteria currently attacking your excretory system. It is important to keep your self hydrated because frequent urination can deplete you of body liquids.

2. The next step would be to supplement your body with enough vitamin C, to naturally strengthen your immune system. In addition, creating an acidic environment in your bladder is said to prevent the bacteria from multiplying since they react adversely to these conditions. However, it is recommended that your intake of fruits and vegetables should also be increased to maintain a balance between alkali and acid contents in your system.

3. The third home remedial step you should take to prevent your UTI from getting worse, is to check or restrict certain dietary intakes. Persons suffering from diabetes should always make it a point to avoid sweets and other sugar based foods since bacteria can easily find growth in their presence.

Other foods to avoid include dairy products, processed foods like cheese and meat, chocolates, spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, beer, carbonated drinks, and other foods that contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

4. As UTI home treatment, cranberry juice has been considered as one of the most effective. Cranberry is known to contain a special substance that prevents bacteria from attaching itself to the walls of your urethra or urinary tract.

5. Natural herbal medications like Oregon grape root or goldenseal are also recommended. Due to their proven effectiveness in eradicating different micro organisms, these herbal cures are now being sold in capsule forms in health and drug stores.

6. To find additional relief for your lower belly pain, you can make use of hot compress treatment by using a bottle filled with hot water and pressing it carefully against the affected area. Others recommend reflexology or aromatherapy as additional relief for UTI pains.

Minding the certain changes in your urination process and your urine as well, can help you arrest further microbial growth in your urinary tract. This is exactly the benefit of knowing some of the known home remedies for urinary tract infection, to cure it before it becomes a full blown disease.

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