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Home Remedy for UTI – How Cranberry Came to be a Popular UTI Home Remedy

July 24th, 2009 · No Comments · UTI Natural Remedies

One of the most popular home remedy for UTI is the cranberry fruit. This fruit is widely available in many forms, hence, its popularity as a home cure against bacterial infections, including UTI.

The cranberry fruit has not yet gained full scientific support as an effective cure against urinary tract infections. However, its history and origins both as a home remedy for UTI and other forms of infections date as far back as the pre-pilgrim era in the U.S.

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A closer look at the cranberry fruit and how it became a traditional home remedy for UTI, will provide us information why cranberry is popular as an effective alternative treatment.

Cranberry and its Origins

Research records show that this fruit is native to North America, but there are indications that cranberry was also in wide use as home treatment remedy among the native people of Northern Europe. This information remains a grey area, because most European records gave reference to the scientific name of vaccinium, which covers a wide variety of berries.

Actually, the European settlers discovered from the Native Americans that the cranberry fruit had more healing powers which they didn’t know of. In fact, Europeans made use of the berry fruits as part of their food preparation in order to realize its healing benefits in the treatment of bacterial infections of the skin.

Early European settlers soon discovered that the Native Americans used the cranberry fruit to treat scurvy, fever and skin rashes and even as medium for drawing out poison. The Native American Indian women, drank cranberry juice regularly for some health reasons that were vague to the colonial settlers.

They soon adapted this practice and in time found out that by regularly drinking cranberry juice, their urinary and genital infections became cured. This then is the origin of the cranberry fruit as an effective traditional home remedy for UTI, and was passed on from generation to generations all through the years.

The Healing Properties of Cranberry to Cure UTI

Accordingly, cranberry juice contains a substance called proanthocyanidin which is said to possess anti-adherence properties. This particular characteristic is potent enough to prevent the bacteria known as E coli, from attaching itself to the walls of the urethra. E coli is said to account for almost 90% of the microbes that causes urinary tract infection.

The proanthocyanidin substance plus the natural acidic traits of the cranberry juice prevent the bacteria to prosper. The body’s natural immune system will in turn take charge of killing the micro organisms they find within the urethra while the natural flow of urine excretion will then flush out the bacteria away from the body’s system. This is how cranberry as a traditional home remedy for UTI, works as an effective treatment against infections of the urinary tract.

Recommended Dosage for Cranberry Juice to Fight against Bacterial Infection

Doctors recommend that cranberry juice should be administered as juice cocktail, with at least 30 % cranberry juice for every concoction. Accordingly, about three or more ounces of cranberry juice cocktail taken daily will be effective enough to cure infections of the urethra.

In any case you will consider cranberry juice as home treatment, it would be best to consult your physician first. Medical records show that the healing properties of this fruit can interact with certain medications particularly for those used in the treatment of kidney ailments. Cranberry has yet to be supported by scientific backings and clinical testing to support its historical background as an effective home remedy for UTI.

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