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Natural Cures UTI – Addressing the UTI Root Causes are the Best Natural Cures

June 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments · UTI Cure

Urinary tract infections can be recurring, hence if we are often afflicted with this disorder and have to resort to frequent doses of antibiotics, chances are we will develop other forms of ailments. The best way to treat the infection of the urethra is by natural cures, UTI specialists often recommend.

To do this, it is important to address the root cause of the problem. This is particularly true if the urinary tract infection is primarily a case of bacterial infestations.

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Most UTI cases are due to E coli infections, and the root cause of the problem often involves poor hygiene. Therefore, most of the natural cures UTI specialists recommend are concerned with proper hygiene, as well as lifestyle and diet changes.

Cure The UTI by Practicing Proper Hygiene:

1. A woman who uses birth control devices like diaphragms or spermicides is the most susceptible to urinary tract infections. Hence, the female concerned should consider changing her contraceptive devices to avoid UTI recurrences.

2. Drinking sufficient amounts of water before and after sex, in order to induce urine discharge right after sex.

3. Don’t make it a habit to hold your urine for a long time. The longer the waste fluid stays in your bladder, the more opportunities for the microbe to multiply and prosper.

4. Women should see to it that the wiping process after urination should be done coming from the front to the back. Doing the opposite can transfer bacteria from the anus to the genital opening.

5. In addition, refrain from using feminine douches and sprays; they contain substances that cause irritation to your genitals particularly the opening of the urethra.

6. Shower instead of soaking in bath tubs. Soaking in tubs will leave your genitals unprotected from possible inflow of water that contain microbes.

7. Change your baby’s diaper frequently; better yet, use cloth diapers since they are more breathable for the baby’s skin and will not subject your child’s genitals trapped in urine and moisture; plus the presence of chemicals that make up the diaper’s gel substance.

Implement Changes in Diet to Cure UTI

1. Drink about six to eight glasses of water everyday to make your urine more soluble. This way, the bladder will be able to discharge more microorganisms.

2. Eat plenty of fruits that contain vitamin C; this will also entail drinking cranberry juice which has the ability to deter bacteria from getting attached to the urethral walls.

3. In relation to the increase of your vitamin C, make sure to balance your diet with alkaline rich fruits and vegetables to¬† balance your body’s acidity.

4. Lessen your intakes of caffeine, soda and alcohol since their ingredients does not hydrate the kidney nor make the urine soluble.

5. Avoid spicy foods, because these food preparations tend to irritate the bladder.

6. Stop eating chocolates, sweets or sugar based foods because bacteria find sugar components as positive conditions for their existence. This is particularly true for diabetics who may be suffering from UTI.

7. Try some herbal supplements and vegetables known to have potent ingredients against bad bacteria. Examples of the herbs are goldenseal or Oregon grape roots while examples of vegetables are broccoli, potatoes, squash, onions, spinach and fruits like pears, apples and grapes.

Lifestyle Changes to Cure UTI

1. Lifestyle change will basically involve the practice of safe sex by trying to keep your sexual relationship with only one partner. Practice safe sex in general.

2. Exercise daily since exercise has been proven to strengthen the immune system.

3. Do away with tight fitting jeans and underwear since the moisture gets trapped in the crotch area. Bacteria excreted during urination may still find a way to thrive within your genital area.

Heed these natural cures, UTI specialists recommend, they can help cure your urinary tract infection from frequently recurring.

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