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Urinary Tract Infection Causes – 10 Most Common Reasons why UTI Takes Place

June 25th, 2009 · 6 Comments · UTI Causes

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is an occurrence where bacteria will find its way to the opening of the urethra and will move upwards into the urinary tract where it will thrive and multiply.The bacteria known as Escherichia coli or E coli accounts for about ninety percent of most UTI cases and is found to exist in the bowel or colon area near the anus.

The most common urinary tract infection causes which make it possible for E coli bacteria to transfer from the colon area to the urethral opening, are poor personal hygiene and sexual intercourse.

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In fact, there are other several reasons for the E coli to spread and move up from the opening going to the urethra. If the infection is left untreated, the bacteria will progress and reach the kidney area. The ordinary UTI will develop into becoming a kidney infection.

Thus, knowing the following urinary tract infection causes will help us to become more aware about the importance of proper hygiene and safe sex practices:

1. The improper cleaning of the anus area after bowel movements; common among children because they still find it difficult to manage the proper procedure of cleaning themselves up. Hence, some of the E coli bacteria intended to be washed away, find their way to the urethral opening instead.

2. The improper use of diapers among infants can also cause UTI, wherein the intention is to maximize diaper use. As the diaper becomes full, due to the succession of urine discharged by the infant, the tendency of some urine is to backflow into the urethral opening. In some cases, some parents fail to notice that their baby’s diaper already contain fecal wastes, which all the more likely causes urinary tract infection among infants.

3. The use of birth control devices such as diaphragm, condom and spermicides;

4. The use of feminine douches or hygiene sprays;

5. Uncircumcised males are said to be more prone to UTI due to the presence of foreskin, where bacteria discharged during urination tend to thrive and grow.

6. Sexual intercourse, which may also involve uncircumcised men and other unhealthy sex practices may tend to push germs and bacteria into the urethra of a woman. Women are advised to wash their feminine genitals before and after sex. Also, urinating after intercourse will help discharge bacteria, before they find growth inside the urinary tract.

7. Suppressing the urge to pass urine, even when the bladder is already full promotes the growth of more bacteria while inside the bladder.

8. The wearing of tight pants or jeans and underwears can also cause urinary tract infections since bacterial growth can occur in trapped moisture.

9. Soaking in bathtubs;

The following health disorders or conditions which result to bacterial infections of the urinary tract because of their tendency to limit or suppress bladder discharge. Unstable health conditions also influence the production of antibodies that can prevent bacteria from multiplying.

  • Spinal cord injury;
  • Enlarged prostate;
  • Health conditions that require the Use of catheters;
  • Kidney stone disorder;
  • Diabetes as it affects the immunity system;
  • Menopausal condition among women due to loss of estrogen;

Knowing the urinary tract infection causes will make us more aware of certain preventive measures. Hence, we can adopt them to avoid the infection from occurring in our system or at least minimize its recurrence.

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