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Urinary Tract Infection Homeopathic Remedies – 6 Alternatives

January 17th, 2011 · 2 Comments · UTI Natural Remedies

Urinary tract infection has a lot of effective remedies but not all that had worked with one patient may also work with the other. This usually depends on the seriousness of the patient’s condition. There are plenty of urinary tract infection homeopathic remedies that can help the patient relieve the condition and here are some of them:

1. Aconitum apellus – When a person experiences uneasiness prior to and during urination, accompanied by a hot, very little urine, and a burning sensation in the opening of the bladder, then this remedy is often helpful. It can also be useful especially if the retention of urine happens following a person’s shaking incident.

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2. Belladona – The use of this treatment may be favorable if the intensity of your urge to urinate is frequent and your bladder becomes very receptive. Usually, it is the bladder area that experiences cramping.  This remedy is occasionally useful if a person leaves behind small quantities of blood and no severe basis can be found on medical test.

3. Apis mellifica – This remedy is needed when certain symptoms of urinary tract infection like burning and stinging feelings, pains in the abdomen area, and constant need to urinate happen, however  in just little amounts. One more sign that this homeopathic remedy is needed if the sufferer doesn’t feel thirsty for a long period of time.

4. Cantharis – Urinary tract infection can bring a lot of disaster to the sufferer. If the sufferer feels the frequent need to urinate before a small amount of urine can pass, intolerable pains can be experienced first, Cantharis is the right homeopathic remedy. These pains can be also felt during or after urinating. Also the patient continuously feels that his bladder is still full, thus making him desire to urinate again.

5. Lycopodium – It is good to use this remedy when the UTI sufferer eliminates big quantities of urine as well as experiencing frequent need to urinate especially at night. The patient had to endure the pain just to let the urine washed out of the body.

6. Sarsaparilla - This is a good remedy for UTI which doesn’t have obvious symptoms like in cystitis. Other remedies may work with one patient but may not with the other. So sarsaparilla will have part on this. Another sign that the UTI of the sufferer can be eased by sarsaparilla is when there is a constant feeling of urinating with burning soreness after. There are times that sediments or flakes may go with the urine.

One homeopathic remedy differs from the other. They work on different symptoms as well. So it is essential for the sufferer to determine the kind of symptoms he or she has in order to resolve on what homeopathic remedy is good for his or her condition.

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