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Urinary Tract Infections Home Remedies – 5 Home Remedies for UTI to Combat Bacterial Infections

June 26th, 2009 · 7 Comments · UTI Natural Remedies

Despite the abundance and availability of antibiotics or antibacterial drug medications for urinary tract infection, most people would rather resort to old folks’ urinary tract infections home remedies. Aside from eliminating the risks of experiencing side effects, these home cures are easier on the family’s budget.

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However, in case you are among those who rely mainly on this type of remedy, you should also be aware that the effectiveness of any of one of these urinary tract infections home remedies are not proven for advanced cases of urethral infection. Hence, a prior consultation with your doctor is still necessary to allow for proper diagnosis of your ailment. This is to ascertain that your infection is simply a case of bacterial infestations.

Urinary tract infection is by itself a symptom of other health disorders like Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) or kidney stones. The doctor is in the best position to determine the type of treatment that can best cure your affliction. Hence, based on his diagnosis and his approval of alternative cures using effective urinary tract infections home remedies, your treatment options will include the following:

1. Water – the basic treatment for most kidney related problem since it involves the production of urine and its excretion from the bladder via the urethra. Providing the kidney with sufficient amounts of water enables it to produce more urine that can flush out the bacteria causing the infection.

2. Vitamin C – a vitamin supplement readily available either as ascorbic acid in tablet form or in fresh citrus fruits and juices. This vitamin effectively promotes the production of antibodies or immunoglobulin, that can  attack foreign bodies like germs or microbes existing in our systems. Hence, the more immunoglobulin that circulates in our body, the lesser chances for these microbes to thrive and prosper.

3. Cranberry Juice
-  The 2002 Canadian Journal of Urology published several clinical proofs about the effectiveness of this substance in reducing UTI even among high risk cases. In fact, The National Institutes of Health and the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Health in Canada has approved the release of $2.6 million dollar as research funds to support  all medical claims that cranberry is indeed effective as an antibacterial treatment. To date, tablets that contain the extract of this fruit is now sold commercially for treatment purposes.

4. Natural Herbs
– There are several natural herbs available with natural healing properties proven as effective in eradicating bacteria found in our system. Goldenseal and Oregon grape roots contain potent ingredients that can kill micro organisms.

Another is uva ursi, herbal plant whose tannin also acts against germs and viruses. However, this medicinal plant is said to be very potent and that taking in excessive amounts can cause liver damage. In fact, pregnant women, children and those suffering from kidney and liver disorders are advised not to take this plant as an alternative cure.

5. Aroma Therapy/Reflexology
– These methods are not for combating microbes but are meant to alleviate the pain felt as a result of urinary tract infection. Included in this treatment is the use of hot water compress that can provide pain relief without resorting to drug medication.

Potent ingredients found in most of the available urinary tract infections home remedies are all aimed at eradicating the germs and microbe that is causing the infection.

Part of the home treatment also includes diet restrictions particularly against dairy and processed foods, spicy foods, sweets and other sugar based food, as well as carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeine and chocolates. Thus, the effectiveness of these remedies will also rely on self-discipline and restraint as well as observance of proper personal hygiene.

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