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UTI Natural Treatment – 4 Ways for Easy Relief

June 30th, 2009 · No Comments · UTI Treatment

If you have ever suffered from a urinary tract infection, you undoubtedly are anxious to find a way to get rid of them. They are frequently painful and accompanied by a burning sensation while urinating. Here are some ways you can alleviate a UTI. Natural treatment for the relief you need.

Some people prefer to treat their ailments naturally because of the safety that is often associated with natural remedies. There are some very creative ways for UTI natural treatment that are effective in alleviating the discomfort and decreasing your chances of dealing with a UTI in the near future.

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Here are some natural remedies to help you treat and avoid future bouts with a urinary tract infection:

1. Cranberry juice is one of the most popular natural treatments for a UTI. Drinking 2-3 8 oz. glasses of cranberry juice a day. The cranberry juice discourages the bacteria that causes the infection, from growing.

The increase in liquid consumption will also increase the production of urine, which in turn flushes the system of other toxins as well. Make sure you are drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, otherwise you will not get the desired results of eliminating the bacteria and pain.

2. Marshmallow root
in a tea has also been linked to relief of urinary tract symptoms. One to two cups of marshmallow root tea a day while you are in pain from a UTI can give relief of symptoms.

3. Blueberry juice
is another beverage that can alleviate the pain and discomfort of a UTI and eliminate the infection. One to two 8 ounce glasses a day can do the trick. However, you need to drink the unsweetened blueberry juice to actually get the results you are looking for.

4. Drink at least 6, 8-ounce glasses of water during the day to increase the production of urine. The faster you are able to flush your system of the bacteria causing the UTI the faster your pain will be gone. Thus, proper hydration is important.

The key to a successful UTI natural treatment is eliminating the bacteria growth in the body. To do this, drinking plenty of fluids all day long is essential. You want your body to be constantly producing urine, so you can cause the bacteria to be flushed naturally from your body. If your symptoms continue, you might require a stronger treatment, such as antibiotics. Call your doctor to make an appointment.

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